For thousands of years humanity recognized clearly defined natural boundaries. These affected every aspect of how we lived—the way food was grown, things were made, buildings constructed and travel undertaken. Intricate connections both within and between our cultures and civilizations created rich environmental, social and spiritual relationships, networks and structures.

Humanity is now passing through perhaps the greatest change in its history, and knowledge of these intricate connections is being ignored, forgotten or lost. Their rediscovery can play a vital role in helping us to address the major challenges of our time, including the growing problems of conflict and the essential need for sustainability.

The research analysis and understanding of this shared heritage is at the heart of the Golden Web initiative.

The Golden Web Foundation is leading the development of this new world of discovery, formed around a proprietary model that has been created to connect the knowledge of our shared heritage that is currently scattered across the world.

The Golden Web is in the final year of a four-year development programme. In 2012 it begins a phased three-year rollout to a global audience. if you think you have something creative that we can fun please check GoldenWeb opportunities, GoldenWeb Resource PMS

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